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A Long Awaited Answer to Prayer

Ethnos360 Aviation flies one Cessna 206 in Western Brazil.  For Ethnos360 missionaries working in primitive and remote tribal areas of the country, this plane replaces traveling for days on the river, hiking on harsh jungle trails and spending nights in makeshift huts.

2018 Update

The Cessna 206 serving in Brazil can only serve two locations out of 10 language groups being reached. The teams that do begin ministry in Brazil are often unable to sustain vital long-term ministry because of a seriously insufficient support network of transportation, communication, supply and accountability. Those that are able to sustain the long-term ministry despite the isolation and hardship make dishearteningly slow progress in planting a thriving church.

We have started a project to purchase a Robinson R66 helicopter and set up a helicopter program to meet the needs of the NTM Brazil missionary teams. Since the helicopter needs only a small clearing to land, it eliminates the expensive and often impossible task of getting permission for an airstrip, as well as the expense of building and maintaining the airstrip.

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