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Kodiak Flight Training Simulator

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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea requires that every pilot who flies by instrument reference must pass a competency check flight every six months. If these flights were to be done in the Kodiaks being flown in Papua New Guinea, each pilot would need to fly to the capital city, incurring for Ethnos360 Aviation a combined annual cost of approximately $40,000. 

A better option is to have a two-person Modular Flight Deck Kodiak simulator on site at the airport where Ethnos360 Aviation’s operations are based. This would allow the pilots to take the required check flights as well as to keep their instrument flying skills honed.

How you'll be helping

By giving toward the purchase of this simulator, the benefits go far beyond simply saving $40,000 per year in travel costs.

  • The simulator can be used to practice system failures and emergency procedures not normally practiced in the actual airplane.
  • By using the simulator, the pilots will be given more comprehensive training more regularly.
  • The simulator will also be able to be used to train Kodiak pilots serving in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The end result will be pilots who are better prepared and more efficient, providing safer flights to all.
  • The savings by not flying to the capital city will pay for the simulator in a little less than eight years.
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