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Ethnos360 Aviation Philippines Shifts to a Helicopter Fleet

Ethnos Aviation flies one R44 helicopter and one R66 helicopter on three different islands in the Philippines.   Travel into remote mountainous regions that previously took days can now be reduced to minutes or hours.

New Helipad in the Philippines -October 6, 2016

There's a new helipad in the Philippines! This is it.

This Little Helicopter - September 24, 2016

This month the little helicopter saved missionaries more than 800 hrs travel of time ... assuming they could drive in a straight line to their locations, which they can't.  Some don't even have roads. Praising God right now for awesome tools and funding to see this happen!

This is Where It's At - September 18, 2016

From Bailey Pruett:  Some people do Sudoku or crossword puzzles... they can have it! THIS is where it's at!

A New Chapter - September 7, 2016

A new chapter begins in the Philippines! The Cessna 185s that have served missionaries for 40+ years are being replaced with helicopters. Praise God with these NTM Aviation pilots as they celebrate the last flight of this Cessna. Prayers are being answered!

A Huge Thank You - August 24, 2016

The kids of a Filipino pastor family working with NTM missionaries in the Manobo tribe needed treatment for their active and contagious TB. Josh Dalton flew them out of and back into the tribe, saving them a 19 hour bus ride each way and eliciting sincere thanks from the family.

Why We Need the Helicopter - August 17, 2016

The helicopter was flying on a different island; an emergency forced missionaries to hike out of the village. 36 river crossings, up and down rock faces, across slippery rocks, hiking through the jungle in the dark. Picked up at trail's end by a co-worker.  The R44 could have done this in minutes.