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Plane an answer to prayer

A Cessna 182 plane has become an answer to prayer for the aviation program in Senegal.

For many years a shortage of Av-gas or aviation fuel has caused increasing flight costs for missionaries needing to travel to and from the remote villages where they minister.

The field leadership in Senegal considered whether maintaining the flight program was even a possibility.
A Cessna 182 that uses the more available and less expensive jet fuel has been located. The plane will be an answer to flight needs in Senegal.

Right now the plane is at the NTM Aviation center in McNeal, Arizona stripped down to bare metal and undergoing major renovation. When finished the plane will be freshly painted, have a new interior with modified rear seats for ease of carrying passengers or cargo and a wing modification for better performance at the slower speeds needed for the landing strips in remote areas.

Praise God for the provision of the Cessna. Pray for the team of missionaries working on the necessary renovations.

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POSTED ON Dec 22, 2008 by Dena McMaster