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Behind the scenes, but not to God

Bobby and Rhesa Bagley are carrying on a family tradition of missionary service. Bobby grew up in the Kalanguya tribe in the Philippines and Rhesa in the Owininga tribe in Papua New Guinea.

"I remember listening to Dad speak in churches while we were on home assignment," wrote Rhesa. "One thing he always used to mention was that we are trying to work ourselves out of a job. The goal is to build churches with believers who will take over preparing Bible lessons, teaching the Bible and discipling believers not only within their own villages, but also in their neighboring areas."

Keeping that goal in mind, Bobby ministers to his fellow missionaries through aviation mechanics. He helps keep the airplanes and helicopters operating so that missionaries in remote areas can continue to have supply flights and medical evacuation capability.

It has been challenging for Bobby and the other flight program missionaries to provide safe and affordable aviation services for our missionaries during these harder economic times. It has also been a challenge keeping the aviation program running with a skeleton crew due to home assignments and other various reasons.

Rhesa teaches fourth-grade math at the mission school, enabling many parents to minister in the tribe knowing that their children are receiving a quality education.
"I have been asked to be the parent representative on the Board of Management for the mission school,"wrote Rhesa. "I will also continue home-schooling Rhianah and Raylea [two of their four children]."

Pray for Bobby and Rhesa as they do their part to help tribal missionaries prepare tribal people to reach their neighbors with the Gospel message.

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POSTED ON Jul 22, 2009 by Dena McMaster