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Route Across the Pacific

3...2...1....Airborne for PNG!

Outfitted to the max with extra fuel tanks, Kodiak N110KQ departs Saturday, July 18, for Papua New Guinea. Leon Stoman, a professional ferry pilot, will fly the Kodiak from Wichita, Kansas, to Los Angeles, California. Then he island hops, touching down in Hawaii and the Marshall Islands. Lord willing, on Wednesday, July 22, he lands in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Most of all, pray for Leon as he flies. Pray for alertness. Pray for good weather. Thank God for the life of service this plane will have. May great glory and praise rise to God as this plane makes a way for people to meet their Creator and Savior. You can rejoice that God has used your prayers and involvement to set this plane in motion for His glory.

Tags: Aviation, Kodiak Aircraft, Papua New Guinea
POSTED ON Jul 16, 2015