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Loading rice on an NTM Aviation plane. (Photo courtesy of John Woodbury, MAF)

Aircraft, pilots move to better assist

NTM Aviation’s four pilots and three aircraft in the Philippines have moved to better assist with relief efforts in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

In coordination with relief agencies, all have relocated so they can serve remote islands that have received little aid since the typhoon hit.

“The task is huge and we are starting to see how we can be of service,” wrote missionary pilot Joel Davis. “The last few days have been filled with survey flights to take pictures and report back concerning the hardest hit areas. It was really sobering ....”

The two NTM airplanes and one helicopter can more easily distribute relief supplies to these hard-to-reach islands.

“We also have used the helicopter to help move relief workers around on those islands and take key people in the relief effort to determine new staging areas,” wrote Joel, who also praised the teamwork involved in the relief efforts. “We are so grateful for the interagency cooperation that we are experiencing.”

Working with Joel are NTM missionary pilots Josh Dalton, Brian Pruett and Zach Keller.

POSTED ON Nov 19, 2013 by Ian Fallis