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Believer's death opens door

The death of a young believer in the Philippines helped open the door to teaching evangelistic Bible lessons.

Missionary pilot Brian Pruett made an emergency flight to transport Aysa to the hospital. The 16-year-old girl was in end-stage tuberculosis and weighed only 57 pounds.

Recently she had heard the Gospel message presented by Banwaon church leaders and joyfully trusted Christ as her Savior.

Missionaries Chris and Lynn Strange and Albert Castelijn asked for the plane to come take Asya to the hospital but rough weather delayed Brian until the next day. After a week of treatment at the hospital Aysa went to be with her Lord.

Brian was able to transport her body back to her family in the village. More than 100 Banwaon believers met the plane and held a funeral service for her. This was a testimony to her parents, who had not yet trusted Christ.

Brian had a full flight schedule that day and hopped on the plane to continue his route, but this week he learned that Aysa’s parents are attending evangelistic Bible lessons and are eager to learn about the Savior their daughter had trusted before her death.

"The love of the missionaries, the efforts of the flight program and the comfort and counsel of the Banwaon believers have impacted them greatly," wrote Brian. "We are praying that the Lord will bring her parents to Him and that God will use her death to bring eternal life to the village she came from."

Pray with us that Aysa’s parents will continue to listen to the Bible teaching and will trust Christ as their Savior.

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POSTED ON Jan 12, 2011 by Brian Johnson and Dena McMaster