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NTM Aviation PNG team welcomes Kodiak #3

Celebration of a Promise Kept

You know that wonderful feeling of a promise kept? Then celebrate with us! The arrival of Kodiak #3 — the third and final one — in Papua New Guinea marks the fulfillment of a plan NTM Aviation set in motion three years ago.

But first, give thanks to God, because without His faithfulness, none of the three Kodiaks in PNG would have been possible. It would not have been possible without those who first envisioned, then built the Kodiak just for missions. It would not have been possible without you and a multitude of partners over the years who had the heart and vision to pray fervently and give generously to see the goal realized.

Three years ago, NTM Aviation leaders made a commitment to move forward on the plan to replace the aging Cessna 206’s and the King Air C90 with three Kodiaks – newer and more efficient aircraft. Having only Kodiaks would focus the strength of our aviation team on three rather than six aircraft.

It was a leap of faith in many ways. But with confidence in God’s power and with determination to reach the world with the gospel, NTM Aviation pressed forward. Your prayers and financial participation bolstered our resolve. Your encouragement kept the NTM Aviation home staff energized to press on in procuring the planes and outfitting them to the exact configurations needed in PNG.

...give thanks to God, because without His faithfulness, none of the three Kodiaks in PNG would have been possible.”
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Now today, three years later, the Kodiaks are on location, with the first two already serving tribal church planting teams.

Part of the move to Kodiaks involves complete transition training for all the pilots and mechanics in Papua New Guinea. Though some of them have made the complete changeover to the Kodiak, others are waiting their turn to train in PNG and the USA.

With three Kodiaks in Papua New Guinea arriving far more rapidly than we expected, our urgent attention turns to the remaining setup so the program runs smoothly, efficiently, and above all, safely.

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POSTED ON May 05, 2016