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Charlie Patton and Milton Arantes

Cessna 206 Needs Your Gift of Prayer

Your prayers are needed!  The Cessna 206 that many of you have prayed for and invested in over the years made it to Brazil November 26.  What a huge step toward flight service for the missionaries in the Acre region of Brazil! Is the plane home free?  Not quite.  As Brazil NTM Aviation mechanic Joel Rich asks, "Please continue to pray for God's mighty hand to slice through this tangled mass of red tape, so that the airplane can be placed in service as soon as possible!!" Any importation process is long and filled with paperwork.  But you can make a difference!  Would you be willing to set aside some time daily or weekly--during the busy holidays--to petition God with us for a smooth paperwork process for the Cessna 206? Specifically, pray for a revised Certificate of Airworthiness requested by Brazil from the USA FAA.  Once that is in hand, the plane can continue its flight to the next city.  Only then can it go through the official de-registration, Brazilian registration, and importation process. Drop us a line to let us know if you are praying specifically for the Brazil Cessna 206.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas celebrating Christ's birth and a New Year full of God's blessing.

Tags: Aviation, Brazil
POSTED ON Dec 12, 2014