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Cessna 206 update

There was an air of anticipation at NTM Aviation. All the necessary modifications had been made to the Cessna 206 slated for Brazil. The FAA inspection for the Export Certificate of Airworthiness was scheduled for the following day.

With no reason to doubt that the aircraft would pass with flying colors, plans were in motion for the long awaited ferry flight to Brazil. The team was already envisioning the Cessna 206 sitting on the runway in Brazil.

And then the call came.

Unforeseen circumstances complicated the process. The time frame would not work for their Brazilian friends, who had already given much aid in the importation process.  

"After consulting the many parties involved,” wrote missionary pilot Charlie Patton, “the consensus was to postpone the ferry flight.”

Rescheduled. Postponed. Those weren’t the words missionaries wanted to hear about the long-awaited plane’s arrival. But it was the reality they had to accept. Their anticipation of the plane’s soon arrival would have to be put on hold.

The inspection was rescheduled for the following month. The new inspection date is October 20, with the ferry flight to take place in November of this year.

Thank you for your prayers. And please, keep praying! Pray for all those affected by the change — and pray with us for no more setbacks.

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POSTED ON Oct 09, 2014 by Rosie Cochran