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Church-planting efforts in remote tribal villages often rely on missionary pilots.

Clouds hinder spread of Gospel

Missionary pilots in Papua New Guinea are dealing with cloud-filled skies that make it impossible to land in many areas of the country.

Missionary aviation is essential when there is a critical medical problem. Many villages where missionaries serve are miles from any medical help. Recently a young tribal boy had a very serious infection, possibly in the bone or joint of his leg, causing extreme swelling. Missionaries Dave and Sherri Ogg were administering oral antibiotics but became concerned when these didn’t seem sufficient and asked a missionary pilot to come and take him to the nearest hospital. Fortunately the plane was able to land and he was transported safely.

The flight program also helps missionaries keep working on translation and Bible teaching. A missionary pilot on loan from SIL flew missionary tech specialist Aaron Laney to a remote village so he could help with solar battery problems. Aaron is filling a very critical need on the field. His ministry is to solve the technical problems that keep missionaries from concentrating on their teaching and translation ministries. Pray that Aaron will be able to quickly solve the battery problem so that he can fly out on the next plane trip.

Several missionaries needed to be flown in or out of the villages where they minister but a missionary pilot has not been able to land due to inclement weather.

Pray for safety of missionary pilots flying in adverse weather conditions. Praise God with us that news reached us that some of the stranded missionaries were able to be flown to their destinations as skies cleared for a short time.

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POSTED ON Aug 24, 2012 by Dena McMaster