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Equipping for the skies

Missionary pilot Brian Schaadt spent a week in California attending the Robinson Helicopter Safety Course. His wife Katherine and infant daughter Naomi went along to visit family in the area.

Brian and Katherine serve with New Tribes Mission Aviation in McNeal, Arizona. Brian will be using his aviation skills to teach others to fly the Robinson helicopter. The helicopter is used to give access to remote tribal locations. Missionary pilots provide transportation as well as much needed supplies and emergency medical evacuations to missionaries serving in these areas.

"Brian is now training for his Helicopter Flight Instructor license," wrote Katherine. "That involves flying from the other -- left hand -- seat and learning to teach the maneuvers while flying them. It is also a lot more studying as he has to describe all the facets of flying in a ground school setting. Please pray for him in this."

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POSTED ON Jun 29, 2009 by Dena McMaster