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Flooding slows Scripture printing

Wet-season flooding has undermined the dam that the Higaunon people count on for their electrical system.

“That dam, while seemingly insignificant, is a huge part of the ministry to the Higaunon church,” wrote missionary pilot Brian Pruett. “The missionaries there have set up a full-blown printing, laminating and binding facility in the tribe which is used to print and bind lessons and Bibles as new portions of scripture are translated.

“The missionaries there are translating scripture into three dialects at the same time and printing materials for all three dialects. It is a massive undertaking that requires modern equipment and electricity to run it as well as air support to keep them stocked with supplies for the translations, and groceries for their cupboards.”

So Brian flew in hundreds of nylon sacks to be filled and used as sandbags, as well as other supplies to try to save the dam.

“It appears they have done the job and the dam is holding,” Brian wrote. “If they lost the dam, they would have lost their electric system until major work could be done to re-route the water inlet for their turbines.”

It is now dry season. Pray that more permanent repairs can soon be made so the ministry among the Higaunons and by the Higaunons can continue unhindered.

POSTED ON Apr 08, 2011 by Ian Fallis