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Flying, checking and training

Missionary Linda Krieg spent several whirlwind days in the last three weeks hopping on airplanes and helicopters in Papua New Guinea.

"It's been a wild ride," wrote Linda, "starting with a morning flight on a Cessna 206 in to the Siawi [village] and two days later another 206 took me to meet the NTM helicopter which took me to the Iwam Bible dedication celebration." Linda then jumped on the helicopter to connect with the Cessna 206 and headed back to the mission center. Following that she spent six days checking the Gende and Kuman Scripture translations and traveling to a consultant trainee training session in a mountain village.

A helicopter then flew Linda to meet the Mission Aviation Fellowship plane that returned her to the mission center, where she joined the annual conference, already in session.

She is now making preparations to return to her home in the Siawi village to complete the translation of the New Testament. On a recent visit to the tribe she assessed the home of Tom and Danielle Brendle who have returned to the USA and made a list of needed changes and repairs.

She is also finishing her responsibilities of training missionaries to help tribal missionaries with translation and doing translation checking so that she can work full time on translating the New Testament in Siawi.

Two missionaries from Friends in Action have volunteered to transform the Brendle house into Linda's home. They will make several modifications to help her function better in the home. She hopes to move into her home in April so she can begin working on the translation with her Siawi co-workers.

Pray for Linda as she prepares to move back into the tribe. Pray also that the Siawi Scripture translation will be clear to the believers.

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POSTED ON Mar 13, 2009 by Dena McMaster