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An R66 for Mindanao, Philippines!

Just on the heels of the R44 helicopter arriving in Mindanao, a couple of generous donors have purchased a more capable R66 for the Philippines. 

Why another helicopter?  The R44 that just arrived has always been intended as a temporary solution until we could purchase an R66.  The R44 will shortly go north to Luzon Island to replace the helicopter there that is going down for complete overhaul. 

By the time the R66 arrives in the Philippines, it will be time for the R44 to fly north to Luzon. 

In the meantime, the R44 on Mindanao is flying for all it is worth.   In fact, pilot Brian Pruett wrote that the very first ministry flight carried three young tribal men who are working on a translation. 

“So far I haven’t flown a western missionary in the [R44]!” wrote Brian, after the first month of flying.  “It’s all been tribal translation assistants and medical flights.”

That’s what the helicopter is for – to give not just westerners but nationals and tribal people the flight service they need to plant thriving churches in every people group on Mindanao. 

 “It’s amazing what a little funding and some amazing tools have done to encourage folks here and sustain ministries!” adds Brian.

And the new R66 will penetrate even further into the most rugged mountain villages – places where airstrips are out of the question.  Trails are non-existent.  To reach them, Filipino missionaries, some of them tribal people themselves, hike for an entire day, cutting their way through jungle and using roots and vines for hand-holds.

Yet with the R66, these villages are a mere 5- to 10-minute flight from the lowlands! 

This aircraft can fly these dedicated missionaries to even the most rugged mountain villages.  Isolated people living in those mountains, held captive by fear and ignorance, can have an opportunity to know Jesus.   And the R66 will also reach to Palawan Island and all the small islands in between. 

The R66 helicopter, combined with NTM Aviation’s affordable flight service, will sustain translators and teachers in these villages until thriving churches can stand on their own and reach out to others. 


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POSTED ON Aug 07, 2016