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Globe trotting the aviation way

Missionary Pilot Nate Schrag in Papua New Guinea has traveled quite a bit this month.

He was able to fly into the Bagwido tribe to witness the believers' baptism. "It was so amazing and touching to hear these people's testimonies and what the Lord has done in their lives," Nate wrote.

Nate returned to the mission center in time for his daughter Sarah's 17th birthday. Sarah is planning to leave for college soon but in the meantime is embracing every aspect of mission school. Last month the three Schrag teenagers, Sarah, Brock and Brianna enjoyed the many activities available to missionary kids. There were skate nights, sports events, a sweetheart dinner and a reading festival to enjoy.

After a short time home, Nate took off for Australia so the plane could be serviced. The men there decided that the plane needed work on the engine and the propeller. So Nate flew home on a commercial flight.

Please pray for the flight program because the plane repair is a major expense. Pray for Nate as he juggles family and pilot responsibilities. Pray also for those who provide a quality education for the missionary children.

POSTED ON Feb 13, 2009 by Dena McMaster