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Kodiak Flies into Taliabo

“[It was] the most precious story of all.” 

An old man in a red shirt had just spoken up, and pilot Lawrence Elroy was gripped with the man’s words.   

Lawrence was sitting at lunch in the Taliabo tribe of Asia Pacific, enjoying one of their incredibly delicious home-grown meals.  But the food was trumped by the stories and testimonies. 

Twenty years previous, no one in this tribe knew Jesus. But they recounted how God had carefully prepared them to hear.  When the message came, they were ready.  Now each in turn told his story of belief.

But no one else could say what the red-shirted old man said.

He along with the others had heard God’s message and believed.  In the teaching, they had heard how Jesus talked to His Father when He lived here on earth.  Now those who believed also had God as their Father, and they could talk with Him.  Banking on his new faith, this man recounted how he had prayed aloud for the first time. 

“More than that,” says Lawrence, “he was the first person ever in the village to pray.”  Simple, as a child would pray.  Trusting.  Believing. 

These isolated believers still do not have all the Scripture in their language.  They lack sufficient discipleship to stand strong and thrive as a body of believers. 

But, as with this trip bringing Bible teachers, the Kodiak is changing that.  Because of flight, the Taliabo believers can now meet with other church leaders on other islands and grow in Christ.  As a thriving church, they can reach out to other villages on this island

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POSTED ON Jul 07, 2016