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Kodiak for Papua New Guinea!

In an astounding turn of events, God has provided a Kodiak for PNG!

NTM Aviation “…serves missionaries who live in places so remote that it’s nearly impossible for any kind of vehicle to get there,” say the leaders of New Tribes Mission PNG.  “To serve them, we rely on aircraft the same way most of you rely on a car.  And in recent years, our situation has been sort of like relying on aging subcompacts that require premium gasoline.  The pilots and mechanics of NTM Aviation who serve us need a better tool. “

Decisions were made to trust God for Kodiak aircraft to replace our aging PNG fleet so that we could better serve those missionaries who depend upon aircraft to transport them on long over-water flights and to safely carry their families, possessions and supplies deep into mountainous and jungle regions that otherwise cannot be reached.  Tribal missionaries who rely solely on aviation service to sustain them in remote settings waited expectantly.  “Please pray for a Kodiak airplane to serve the tribal churches of this country,” pleaded Bill and Kelley Housley.

Everyone planned, and prayed, and waited for God’s timing.  Last year in a specific move of faith, people prayed fervently that God would provide one by the end of 2013.  But no Kodiak.

People continued to pray during the first quarter of 2014, but no Kodiak.

In March, as a bold step of faith, NTM Aviation began actively preparing for our transition to Kodiaks.  As part of that plan, we sent a pilot to Papua New Guinea to train with another mission board in their Kodiaks and to fly with them for a year.  NTMA mechanics also started studying the PT-6 engine and systems, gaining experience by working with the other organization on their Kodiaks.   But still no Kodiak for NTMA PNG.

It was easy to doubt that God was really going to provide this plane.  But Phil Koop, Executive Director of NTMA, and the NTMA team knew that upgrading was necessary to provide continuous and viable transportation for the NTM tribal teams.  We continued to pray and pursue avenues of funding for the plane.

And then came the astounding news!  In His perfect timing, God moved the hearts of some donors who heard of our critical need.  They decided to buy a Quest Kodiak for Papua New Guinea!

It’s not an order for a Kodiak to be built from scratch—that’s a 6-month process.  This is not a Kodiak in the making.  It’s already done!  It’s ready.  It’s a pure white Kodiak, sitting on the ramp at Quest, just waiting for a buyer.  God HAD been at work all along, building this state-of-the-art mission aircraft while many were praying!

Apply the NTMA paint scheme.  Install the extras.  Fly it to our NTMA Headquarters in McNeal, Arizona.  The Kodiak could be delivered to McNeal in a month or two.  What an extraordinary gift from God!

Is the journey of faith over for NTM Aviation since we have a Kodiak?  Hardly.  Yes, we’ve stepped off the sidelines.  “And now,” says Phil, “we have more opportunities to trust Him for this Kodiak to get to its field of service.  We are not at home plate yet, but we are definitely sliding into third base with home plate in view!”

As the news reached PNG, a spirit of elation and gratitude spread.  When Jon Leedahl, our NTMA pilot training in the Kodiak, heard the news, he whipped out his phone to read it for himself.  God has supplied!

Events have happened at a dizzying pace.  “This is so sudden!  But we’re happy to finally be pulling our long-made plans off the shelf and setting them in motion,” acknowledges Phil.

The team is at work.  All the players are manning their positions—planning details of final outfitting in McNeal, training the mechanics and pilots, and raising funds for the trans-Pacific ferry flight and setup in PNG.

We are off and running.  Our hearts are brimming with gratitude!  Why had we ever doubted?  Home plate is in view!

Thanks to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of you who prayed with us for this Kodiak.  Thanks to the generous donors who heard and acted on God’s prompting.  And thanks to God who orchestrated the work of His Body in order to provide the Kodiak as a tool for reaching those who need to hear His priceless message of Salvation and Hope.

God has provided our first of several Kodiaks needed for PNG! And you can have the privilege of helping sending this one into action and helping us continue this journey of meeting the aviation needs in PNG.  Thank you for considering what part you can play in donating to this effort.

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POSTED ON Apr 30, 2014