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NTM Aviation families wish the first Kodiak well on its flight across the Pacific Ocean to Papua New Guinea.

Kodiak headed for Papua New Guinea

The first of the three Kodiak airplanes slated for Papua New Guinea is headed out.

The pilot from the ferry company is scheduled to arrive in the USA today and plans to depart on Saturday. Weather permitting he should arrive in Papua New Guinea by Wednesday afternoon.

Phil Koop, Executive Director of NTM Aviation, summed up the advantages of the Kodiak when he wrote, “It operates on readily available jet fuel. It can negotiate the varied terrain and ever changing weather. It can carry heavy payloads and make long flights to difficult outlying villages. Maybe giving the most peace of mind is the Kodiak’s ability to make the overwater medevac flight to appropriate medical facilities in Australia.”

Can you imagine what this means for missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea? But first, the Kodiak has to get there. Please pray for a safe and uneventful ferry flight to Papua New Guinea.

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POSTED ON Jul 17, 2015 by Rosie Cochran