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Learning their language to teach it to others

Some of the North Wahgi people are learning to read and write their language for the first time. There are some who already read English or Melanesian Pidgin but most have never seen their language written down. 

Earlier this month, Dan Hulley and Andrew Wilson began teaching a literacy class to prepare the people for receiving Firm Foundation Bible lessons. Currently three men and a woman are faithfully coming to the class, which is held Monday through Friday for one and a half hours. The plan is that some of these will be able to teach the next classes.

"Literacy is vital for the growth of the church," wrote Dan. "Without it, the people will not be able to read the Scriptures in their own language."

Two North Wahgi men went with Dan and Andrew to a translation workshop held in another part of Papua New Guinea. One of the men was able to sit in the co-pilot seat and chat with the pilot. The men enjoyed swimming in the ocean and going on a motor boat to visit a reef. This was a new experience for both men.

While there they attended classes each morning to teach them the importance of helping the missionary translate the Bible into their language.

Soon Dan and Andrew will begin teaching the Firm Foundation Bible lessons. Pray that the North Wahgi people will be willing to listen to the teaching of God's Word and that they will be responsive to God's work in their hearts.

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POSTED ON Nov 15, 2011 by Dena McMaster