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Medical Update on Jon Leedahl

Thank you, dear ministry partner, for your sustaining prayers for Jon and Adie Leedahl following Jon's motorcycle accident in Papua New Guinea on October 15.  Monday morning in Cairns, Australia, Jon had surgery to clean the wound from the amputation of his right leg, and it went well.  Adie was happy to report Jon's good spirit after the surgery: "He called me requesting a shirt and a burger, that's my man!!!! Now he's sleepy and gonna take a nap. We'll hear a report from docs tomorrow morning. Thank you for your prayers!" You have a valuable ministry of prayer, and we appreciate your partnership. Pray for Jon and Adie as everything is starting to sink in and they process all that is going on.  The boys are not upset, but they do not yet understand the full extent of the situation.

  • Pray for the couple who is doing a wonderful job looking after the Leedahl's three young boys in PNG. Pray for all the paperwork and flights to be sorted out soon to bring the boys to Cairns.
  • Pray for Adie to have sufficient rest/sleep to continue to support Jon in the amazing way she has thus far.
  • Thank God for the wonderful care that Jon is receiving at the Cairns Hospital.  Thank God that Adie can stay with a friend near the hospital and has another friend on hand to help her.  Thank God that Jon's mom will soon arrive in Cairns.

Jon and Adie and the families are grateful for all the love and words of support that have been expressed. Adie writes, "God is good. He is our comfort and our strength." Thank you for continuing to trust God with us. We value your prayers for Jon and Adie as well as for our aviation team in Papua New Guinea, that they all follow Jon and Adie's great example and trust God for His Big plan.

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POSTED ON Oct 20, 2014