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Moving into a country, a culture

Missionaries Dan and Laura Swanson and their young twins, arrived in Bolivia last October. Dan, who is a missionary pilot, quickly finished his Spanish study courses and is learning his way around the New Tribes Mission Aviation hangar. He is also preparing for the necessary testing to obtain his pilot's and mechanic's licenses.

Laura is having difficulty finding time to complete her Spanish studies because Dan is gone much of the time and the nearly two year old twins require a great deal of time and attention.

The toddlers, Anna and Benjamin, are quite a hit with their Bolivian neighbors. But they aren't quite used to being the center of attention and often make their displeasure known. Their blond hair and charming manner cause many to want to reach out and touch them. Please pray that Ben and Anna will soon adjust to their surroundings and begin to enjoy their neighbors.

The Swansons now have a one-year Bolivian visa and are looking forward to completing the process for their Bolivian Identity cards making them legal residents. They also received their shipment of goods from the USA and are delighting in settling in with familiar things from home.

Pray for Dan and Laura as they begin their new ministry and become comfortable in their new surroundings. Pray for Laura as she continues to learn the culture and language of Bolivia.

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POSTED ON Apr 01, 2009 by Dena McMaster