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Phil Koop, Brian Pruett, Tim Hughes

Nothing Short of a Miracle!

You should have been here!

You could have stood with us, watching a Robinson R66 helicopter land right outside the Ethnos360 Aviation hangar yesterday morning! It’s the R66 God has provided for service in Papua New Guinea. Thank you for standing with us in prayer and support to make this aircraft a reality.

“Words can’t say it,” said Bailey Pruett, wife of helicopter instructor Brian Pruett, who had just landed the R66.

“This is tangible,” she added. “All of these people here will touch this helicopter. But it will soon be flying in Papua New Guinea, into remote people groups who want to hear the gospel. We really don’t grasp how big this is.”

Thank God with us for this almost unimaginable gift, considering that it came during the widespread shutdowns of COVID-19.

“It’s evident Your hand is in it,” prayed Larry Dye, during a time of thanksgiving to God. “Only You could have done this.”

“Thank you for the impact it will have on lives in Papua New Guinea,” prayed Ryan de Roos, “as people hear the gospel for the first time, and we see churches planted and even sending out their own missionaries.”

“It’s a clear, visible symbol of how much You care,” prayed pilot Brian Pruett. “You spare no expense to reach people.”

Director of Operations, Tim Hughes, finished the time of thanksgiving: “This R66 shows ‘who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.’ That You would provide this million-dollar helicopter – that’s how much You care.”

As you’ve stood with us, trusting God for this helicopter, stand with us again – in awe of what God has done!

And don’t stop praying. The R66 has a bit of a journey before it actually arrives in PNG: outfitting, training, paperwork, crating and shipping. Let’s commit all that into the faithful Hands of the one who provided it. And let's trust Him for the next two R66s for PNG!

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POSTED ON Oct 08, 2020 by Wonita Werley