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Daren Spence installs navigational updates for the ferry pilot

On to the Marshall Islands

Thanks for praying.  Kodiak N111KQ made it to Hawaii yesterday!  After the pilot rests well and refuels the plane, he will depart for the Marshall Islands.
You might wonder how this single-engine Kodiak can carry enough fuel to cross the vast stretches of open ocean between the USA and Papua New Guinea.  Take a look at the photo.  You'll see two extra-large temporary fuel tanks installed in the cabin right behind the pilot's seat.  The tanks double the normal fuel capacity of the airplane, allowing the ferry pilot to arrive at each destination with several hours' fuel left.  And yes, there is only one seat.  To reduce weight and allow for more fuel, long ferry flights such as this one have only one pilot.
Tags: Aviation, Kodiak Aircraft, Papua New Guinea
POSTED ON Feb 15, 2016