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Missionary pilot Daren Spence has been asked to be international chief pilot for NTM Aviation.

Piloting the pilots

As a missionary pilot it’s critically important to keep up with safety regulations and be evaluated often in order to land on those dangerous airstrips in jungle locations.

Daren and Cindy Spence, who have spent the last 10½ years both preparing and serving in the Asia-Pacific region, are very aware of just how critical this has been.

Daren has benefitted from the chief pilot coming from Arizona, the NTM Aviation center, to fly with him in order to evaluate and encourage him in safety practices.

Daren has been asked to take up the responsibility of the international chief pilot for NTM. He will now be the guy who has the job of evaluating new pilot candidates and doing pre-field flight training. He will also visit all the countries where NTM serves through a flight program, flying with the pilots to maintain higher flight standards.

This aspect of support can directly affect the work of tribal church planting.

Good pilots and mechanics are needed to keep the missionaries supplied and doing their job in the villages. Emergency medical needs or just necessary breaks are dependent in some countries on these mission planes being flown and maintained.

These aviation missionaries have given their lives to support the process of churches being planted and maturing.

The flight programs in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America will all be blessed and benefit significantly by Daren’s experience and expertise as an excellent jungle pilot.

Now being based in the US will not change the Spences status as faith missionaries. They are trusting God to provide as He always has through partners who team up with them to see this job done.

Let’s partner with them in prayer and support for what God is doing in and through them.

POSTED ON May 13, 2013 by Cathy Hedvall