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The new R66 is the one on the right.

Right Under Our Noses!

It was there all the time.

Ethnos360 Aviation pilot Alex Minium felt like he was facing the impossible.

He knew that his team in the Philippines needed another R66 helicopter to replace the R44 before the end of 2021 so that church planters could have uninterrupted flight service. But with COVID restrictions, he just didn’t see how it could happen within budget.

“I'd liken the feeling to me standing at the bottom of El Capitan's 3,000-foot summit in Yosemite National Park,” wrote Alex. “The only thing I've ever climbed is a ladder – and I don't particularly like heights.”

“The Lord quickly brought my heart to a face-in-the-dirt posture, saying, ‘God, this will absolutely have to be you.’”

God had it all planned, though.

More than three years ago, a non-profit in the Philippines decided to buy an R66 for their own use. Before shipping it, they brought it to McNeal, AZ, and asked our aviation specialists to outfit it exactly like the R66 we already have in the Philippines. Alex Minium, still in training in Arizona, even instructed their pilot how to fly it.

After the non-profit used the R66 for a couple of years, they decided it really didn’t suit their purposes. So, they recently offered to sell it to Ethnos360 Aviation!

Right there! In the Philippines. Ready to go. No shopping around, no modifications, shipping, export or import needed. AND they offered it at a price exactly within our budget! Now, all the negotiations are done. It’s ours!

This is a singular, God-orchestrated event that we all – Ethnos360 Aviation and you, our loyal teammates – need to remember, both individually and as an organization. It is His faithfulness that brings these projects to pass.

“And every time we open our hangar door,” says Alex, “we can be reminded that nothing is too big a task for our God.”

We are thanking God for His remarkable provision.

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POSTED ON Apr 29, 2021 by Wonita Werley