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Several New Tribes Mission projects have strategic importance in reaching tribes and transforming lives.

Significant opportunities to give

Strategic New Tribes Mission projects give you the opportunity to make a significant impact. Here are some of the most strategic projects.

Expand Training Center Capacity

New Tribes Mission is entering a new people group every 45 days and believing that can be reduced to 30 days. Many more missionaries are needed to reach those who have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel in their own language.

Training is essential for missionary candidates preparing to evangelize unreached people groups, translate the Scriptures and establish indigenous New Testament churches. And more missionaries are needed to serve the many people groups who are waiting to hear God's Word. Your gifts to expand the capacity of the Missionary Training Center help make that possible. Give to this project.

People group assessment

People group assessments help New Tribes Mission place missionaries strategically. The objective of the these assessments is to:

  • Gather sufficient quantity and quality data to make sound decisions regarding entry into a people group.
  • Deploy the right kinds of resources to ensure that the people group will soon have the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their native tongue.

Unreached people groups in Southeast Africa will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel clearly presented in their heart languages as church planting teams are strategically placed based on the assessment of nine people groups in Tanzania. Give to this project.

NTM Global Outreach 2013

Missionaries serving in isolated villages require the assistance of others so they can live there and focus on their ministries. These teammates perform services such as providing leadership, administration and consultation help; processing donations and making the funds available; and facilitating communication with home churches, supporters and others.

Gifts to the NTM Global Outreach Fund are used in the most strategic way to support the work of missionaries around the world.

Your investment will ensure strong, effective support for NTM missionaries who labor to bring the Gospel to remote tribal groups. Give to this project.


Translations require wages for tribal translation co-workers, solar systems for electricity, computers, paper, voice recorders, batteries and more. Proofs must be printed at several stages. Missionaries experienced in translation and Bible lessons and literacy must come into remote villages to check progress.

And churches need more than Bibles translated. They need Bible lessons that help them understand a God they never knew about, and literacy materials to help them learn to read their own language for the first time. All those must be printed, transported and distributed.

Translating Scriptures, literacy materials and Bible lessons into a previously unwritten tribal language provides the whole package of written materials that a church needs to disciple its people and reach out to others. Your gifts to this project help perpetuate the church in people groups around the world. Give to this project.

Missionary Flight Sponsorship 2013

NTM's missionaries work in remote areas of the world, and often the only way to reach those areas effectively is with airplanes and helicopters. Aircraft provide transportation into and out of a village for missionaries, for people who come in to help, and for people needing medical care. They bring food, clothing, fuel and a variety of other supplies and equipment.

However, flight time is expensive, and missionaries pay for the costs of flights that serve them. In some cases, the expense is too much for missionary teams to bear. Sponsoring flight costs enables missionaries to use aircraft as they need them.

Your gift to sponsor missionary flights will make air service more available to more than 200 missionaries planting churches among more than 130 people groups. And because the use of aircraft will be more effective, efficient and affordable, missionary teams will be able to begin work among even more people who have been isolated from the Gospel. Give to this project.

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POSTED ON Jan 25, 2013 by Ian Fallis