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Threatened by COVID-19! Relief is on the way.

The country of Papua New Guinea is quite isolated and has been able to control in large part the spread of the COVID virus among their people. The government is working hard to keep it that way, and, in fact, they called on Ethnos360 Aviation to help them.

Recently, local government officials and mission leaders met to discuss resources in the community that could help combat the COVID pandemic. The Provincial Health Administration had acquired Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medicine and medical supplies, but they needed transportation to get them to locations within the Eastern Highlands Province. “In a country where road transport is often not an option, flights are the only mode of transport for medical supplies,” said field leader Keith Copley. So mission leaders offered $30,000-worth of flights to help.

In all, Ethnos360 Aviation flew over 3,300 pounds of medicine, supplies and PPE, to the Marawaka, Owena, Wonenara, Simbari and other tribal locations where it could be distributed to various people groups.

“The local authorities expressed gratitude for the partnership with [the mission],” said Keith. “Aviation is a way we can continue to work with the government, and we pray it opens the doors to more chances for ministry.”

The Papua New Guinea team is grateful for this opportunity to show the love of Christ in a tangible way. Pray that all these efforts will clearly show the kindness and goodness of the Lord and will lead people to see God’s grace for salvation in Christ.  Thank you.

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POSTED ON Feb 14, 2021 by Wonita Werley