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Typhoon Haiyan Relief

NTM Aviation is poised and readdy to fly relief supplies to hard-hit areas of the Philippines.

The mission's small aircraft and helicopter can get supplies into remote areas that are not otherwise accessible. So NTM Aviation is helping the Red Cross and others with relief efforts. Your gifts can provide for the fuel and other supplies to keep relief materials moving to areas affected by the typhoon.

“We are getting lots of requests to help many organizations," reports NTMA pilot Joel Davis. “We got totally ready, airplane packed, local doctor on alert, and supplies on board today, but we are waiting to get an 'all clear' from a government agency on the ground that lets us know the airstrip is clear and they are ready for us to come and help.

Pray that our pilots will have wisdom to know who to help and when to do it. “The need is great and we are small, so we are leaning on the Lord for how to go about this huge task and show the Love of Christ to those affected by this storm,"  adds Joel.

Josh Dalton and Zach Keller are staged and ready to help with their aircraft as well.  Josh has already done one flight for the Red Cross over some small islands to survey the damage. Reports say that possibly 80% of the structures are destroyed, and most of their crops were completely wiped out as well.  Today and for the next couple of days, he will be doing relief supply flights out to a main island.  From there the 2,500 pounds of rice along with other food items that he purchased will be distributed by boat to smaller islands.

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POSTED ON Nov 11, 2013