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Veteran pilot changes ministry

Missionaries Charlie and Ruth Patton were asked to help start a New Tribes Mission aviation program in Brazil. Since Charlie grew up in Brazil, he felt as though he was going home.

Flexibility and willingness to serve have always characterized Charlie and his wife Ruth. Charlie was a missionary pilot in Mexico and Colombia and is now with the flight program in Papua New Guinea. Ruth has served as a teacher of missionary children in each country where they lived.

"Over the years," wrote Charlie, "we heard occasional news from different ones regarding progress being made toward opening a flight program in Brazil. Each time, our ears perked up, but the possibility of us being used in this pioneering work seemed distant."

New Tribes Mission Aviation mentioned they were searching for a veteran pilot, preferably with a background in the Portuguese culture and language and once again, Charlie's heart was pulled toward returning to Brazil.

Charlie and Ruth didn't want their desires to override the Lord's plan for them so they told the Lord that they would return to Papua New Guinea after their coming home assignment unless He had NTM Aviation leadership actually come out and ask them to transfer to Brazil.

Imagine their joy when they received a call asking them to consider moving to Brazil to help begin the new flight program.

Pray for Charlie and Ruth as they once again transition to another country to serve the Lord through missionary aviation.

POSTED ON May 27, 2009 by Dena McMaster