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How you can pray for the ongoing relief effort in the Philippines.

What does relief look like?

Garry Barkman is one of a faithful group of missionary pilots who are actively at work in the ongoing relief program that is addressing the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Currently Garry is organizing NTM flight efforts in the Philippines.

Garry has been working with the relief flights involving several aircraft—the R44 helicopter as it delivers needed supplies, the Jet Ranger helicopter in doing survey work to determine areas of greatest need, the Cessna 185 that moved personnel and positioned fuel, and the Kodiak on loan from another location in the Asia-Pacific region, which also served to move people and fuel as needed.

Garry’s wife, Cynthia, shares about the progress of this effort and its challenges: “The first phase of relief (providing emergency food and supplies) is winding down.”

Some missionaries in some places, she says, have even been able to head back to their normal ministries.

Yet there is still much work still to be done. There is “surveying, coordinating, planning, delivering supplies, receiving supplies and doing paperwork” to entirely fill each long day.

In the locations where the Barkmans are serving, some of the most urgent needs have been met. “People’s bellies are full at the moment,” Cynthia explains, “and the focus is turning toward the long-term challenge of rebuilding houses, boats and businesses. Many have lost rather basic things like cooking supplies and tools of their trade.”

So although the immediate life-threatening struggle to survive is somewhat alleviated, the enormity of other problems is surfacing and beginning to be more fully realized.

Pray for missionaries who are working long hours to meet these needs. They are asking God for wisdom in knowing how to be involved in the next stage of bringing relief and help to people in the Philippines.

In spite of missionaries often feeling exhausted in this relief effort, they are encouraged to see the progress God is providing. “People are being helped and served. Needs are being met,” Cynthia writes.

Your continued prayers are coveted for the ongoing relief effort in the Philippines.

Cynthia asks, “Pray for the people who have been affected by the typhoon—for strength and grace to meet the continuing challenges. Pray for those doing relief work—for wisdom, clarity, strength and stamina.”

“And thank God for what He is doing here,” she adds.

God is at work in obvious, powerful ways as relief comes to the Philippines. And there is much still for His grace, working through His people, to do.

But Garry and Cynthia Barkman and their family are grateful to be His servants ministering love and hope to countless people who are hurting and needy. They are praying that the wounds and losses experienced so extensively in the Philippines will be opportunities for sharing God’s love and mercy in tangible, life-changing ways that will make all the difference in eternity.

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POSTED ON Dec 20, 2013 by Cathy Drobnick