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Events and Promotion Job Description

Job Purpose:

  • To create awareness of Ethnos360 Aviation through events and promotions.
  • To oversee all of the organization, scheduling and planning of Ethnos360 Aviation events.

Job Duties:

  • Meet with relevant staff of the organization holding the event, discuss it in detail, and frequently communicate with them in coordinating and planning the event.
  • Travel when necessary.
  • Organize a group of volunteers to assist in carrying out the event. Make sure they are well informed of the expectations, can relate well with the public and know what steps to take for making initial contacts.
  • Ensure all necessary materials are transported and set up in good time before the event. 

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Organizes efficiently
  • Communicates effectively with others
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Solves problems quickly and creatively

Accountable to:

Director of Ministry Advancement

All NTM Aviation personnel must first become members of New Tribes Mission.  If you are interested in talking to someone about this position, please contact Dwight Brown, Director of Personnel, at 407-580-7098.