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Facility Maintenance Staff Job Description

Job Purpose:

To maintain the physical facility assets at Ethnos360 Aviation while demonstrating care and consideration for the residents. 

Job Duties:

  • Carry out delegated duties in a timely manner.
  • Be proactive in caring for and improving the Ethnos360 Aviation facility and grounds.
  • Interact with team members for strategies and plans for projects and improvements.
  • Help in periodic construction projects.
  • Interact with residents of Ethnos360 Aviation, seeking opportunities to serve their needs.

Job Skills:

  • Working knowledge of electricity, plumbing, and building maintenance and methods
  • Basic mechanical ability

Accountable To:

Facility Manager

All NTM Aviation personnel must first become members of New Tribes Mission.  If you are interested in talking to someone about this position, please contact Dwight Brown, Director of Personnel, at 407-580-7098.