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Web Manager Job Description

Job Purpose:

To manage and maintain Ethnos360 Aviation’s website according to our focus, vision, projects, needs, and brand platform, including evaluating and improving content, usability, architecture, development and design. This role involves collaboration with content managers, editors, and management team.

Job duties:

  • Maintain regular contact with the Ethnos360 Aviation communication department to obtain material and articles for the sites.
  • Obtain input and coordinate web projects with the Director of Ministry Advancement and his team
  • Formulate objectives for projects and how to best present them on the website
  • Work together with the graphics designer for ideas and input
  • Work with a web developer/designer to implement changes, edits, and upgrades
  • Monitor project progress and conduct design reviews
  • Identify areas of improvement and necessary updates and program upgrades
  • Keep current with emerging web technologies
  • Work cooperatively with key team members
  • Check all aspects of the site on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning

Job skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of HTML and popular content management systems
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop skills
  • Team player and open to constructive criticism
  • Creative
  • Open to new ideas

Accountable to:

Director of Ministry Advancement

All NTM Aviation personnel must first become members of New Tribes Mission. If you are interested in talking to someone about this position, please contact Dwight Brown, Director of Personnel, at 407-580-7098.