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Writer Job Descripton


To communicate the vision and ministry of Ethnos360 Aviation through writing, in both print and electronic media; to promote awareness of the connection between Ethnos360 Aviation and church planting by writing articles, stories, letters, promotional material, scripts, etc.


  • Writing, editing and proofreading print and electronic media
  • Producing informative promotional copy for flyers, posters, announcements, video scripts, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, newsletters, etc.
  • Generating creatively written stories and articles. Corresponding with field missionaries to gather information, conducting research to verify facts and obtain authentic background detail, and tracking down photos relevant to the story
  • Researching events and storing background information for future articles and stories
  • Composing press releases and news articles for media outlets
  • Writing appropriate letters to various audiences such as donors, contacts, event-goers, etc., to connect them with the end result of their participation
  • Keeping abreast of Ethnos360/Ethnos360 Aviation’s work and personnel in order to create relevant communications to our audiences
  • Working with other professionals such as printers, photographers and artists as required


  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Familiarity with social and electronic media
  • Basic understanding of promotional and marketing techniques
  • Flexibility to change writing style to meet the task at hand; skill and experience in several styles of writing is helpful.
  • Ability to work with other writers and editors and to accept constructive criticism
  • Capability to collaborate with other departments to produce materials needed
  • Willingness to review, revise and correct a writing task until it satisfies the requirements
  • Determination to track down details of a story by corresponding with missionaries, reading letters and articles, interviewing people, etc.

Accountable to:

Media Manager

All NTM Aviation personnel must first become members of New Tribes Mission. If you are interested in talking to someone about one of these positions, please contact Dwight Brown, Director of Personnel, at 407-580-7098.