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An Awesome Tool!
God is such a provider! The Ethnos360 Aviation fleet now has more helicopters than airplanes!
Good Thinking for a New Year
Author: Wonita Werley
“We’re not thinking of anything else.  We want God’s Word.”   
Finally a Reality!
Author: Wonita Werley
“God will do anything to see to it that mankind hears His Word. If a helicopter becomes necessary, He provides it.”
Jumpstarting the New Year
Author: Wonita Werley
Starting out a new year with bills paid sure feels good, doesn’t it?
 Out of a job?
Author: Wonita Werley
“We’re really trying to work ourselves out of a job.” Did you ever hear a missionary say that? “Nice idea,” you may think, “but I doubt it ever really happens.”
Thanksgiving Continues!
Author: Wonita Werley
Thanksgiving isn’t just one day! We keep thanking God that He provided the gift of an R66 for Brazil.
Tracking all the way to Brazil
Author: Wonita Werley
Finally the R66 helicopter has left Florida to cross the Caribbean on its way to Brazil.
One Flight Ignites a Little Fire
Author: Wonita Werley
From first contact fifty years ago, to one miraculous God-ordained flight, the fire burns to this very day!
We did it! Well, God did it!
Author: Wonita Werley
This very day, a specially-trained pilot has begun the ferry flight to deliver our new R66 to Brazil. PRAY for the journey of PP-NTB!
Lightning bolts
Author: Wonita Werley
“Thank you … for teaching me God’s talk. It has changed my life,” said Nggomo as he was helping the missionaries prepare Bible lessons in his language.