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Devastation Continues in Sulawesi

While the initial earthquake and tsunami are over, there have been hourly tremors that continue to shake the land. Riots and looting are rampant, many houses are uninhabitable, and food, drinking water and fuel are running scarce. Vandalism and mob mentality abound, leaving the environment both desperate and tense. The hospitals are badly damaged so the injured and sick are in open-air clinics with limited supplies. We are thankful that all of our co-workers are accounted for, but there are 1,200 and counting that have lost their lives and countless others in need of medical attention.

 News Photo from The Guardian

Thankfully, the electricity is slowly being restored and some of the necessary supplies are beginning to be flown in. It will be a long time before things are normal, but help is coming.

Our Ethnos360 Aviation pilot was able to get there yesterday and he has begun flying our Kodiak to help with evacuations and relief efforts. MAF has an aircraft that they are hoping to get positioned to help by tomorrow morning, and Helivida is also joining in the relief efforts. Praise the Lord for the many hands who are willing and able to work together to help in these tragic times.

We are so thankful for many of you who have been praying for the people of Sulawesi. Continue to pray as they deal with the trauma of what has taken place.

News photo from The Guardian

Please pray for

  • Strength for the pilots and relief teams who are in place to help.
  • All of those who are being evacuated and leaving all they know behind in shambles.
  • The national churches that are preparing to receive an inflow of people who have just been torn from their homes. Pray for wisdom to help them through the process of sorting through the events that have just taken place.
  • The countless families and friends who have lost their loved ones

You can show the love of Christ to the people in this region as you give to the Ethnos360 Aviation’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund.

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POSTED ON Oct 02, 2018 by Wonita Werley