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Who We Are

Mission Statement

Advancing the spread of the Gospel through aviation to see a thriving church for every people. 

Ethnos360 Aviation Core Purpose

Ethnos360 Aviation’s core purpose is to assist the church planting ministries of Ethnos360 and likeminded ministries through the use of aviation to achieve the goal of a thriving church for every people.  

We serve pioneer church planting teams in the remotest regions of Brazil, Asia Pacific, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.  These teams spend 10 to 20 years immersing themselves in the language and culture of the people.  The goal? To establish thriving groups of trained believers, Scripture in hand, who can in turn reach neighboring villages and beyond with the gospel.  

As the missionaries — often national and indigenous people themselves — work year after year, Ethnos360 Aviation sustains them.  The plane brings food and supplies.  It transports translation and church planting consultants and takes children back and forth to school.  Aircraft act as the ambulance for medical emergencies.  Flights carry goods and commodities for the village people.  In times of drought, flood, and other natural disasters, the plane brings relief.

Ethnos360 Aviation provides Ethnos360 and likeminded ministries with safe, reliable, affordable and professional flight service that effectively supports their ministries.

Ethnos360 Aviation makes flights affordable

Whether the missionary is expatriate, national or indigenous, God is enabling us to make the flights happen for a price they can each afford to pay.   Because of our Flight Sponsorship Program, even national and indigenous church planting teams are receiving the flight service they need to pioneer deeper into isolated and rugged areas — just like the missionaries who reached them years before. 

Trips that could take four to five days by land — carrying their children on their backs — might take only 30 minutes by air.  Church planters can spend time teaching and translating God’s Word rather than hiking and arriving exhausted without necessary supplies to live on.  Such an extremely rugged ministry must be sustainable long term — and Ethnos360 Aviation makes it possible.  Millions may be unreached, but none are unreachable!

Ethnos360 Aviation fulfills its mission by:

  • sending well-trained, spiritually and technically qualified aviation professionals who are committed missionaries and who, for the vision and ministry of Ethnos360 worldwide, are willing to count the cost and go wherever Ethnos360 and its partners need our service.
  • operating in an efficient, cost-effective way and collaborating with like-minded organizations as needed to help us achieve that goal.
  • providing the right equipmentsubsidypersonnel, and services as uniquely suited to Ethnos360 strategy in each ministry setting to best enable effective church planting and subsequent ministry by the national and the indigenous church.
  • proactively adapting our services to the changing ministry climate in order to meet the evolving needs of Ethnos360 worldwide.
  • actively communicating our vision and seeking financial partners who share the same burden for the lost and are eager to stand with us and enable us to achieve our mission.
  • providing the best-suited aviation services to support Ethnos360’s church planting strategy in each distinct ministry setting.

Ethnos360 Aviation Specific Values

  • Teamwork: A priority of teamwork reflects the Trinity and the Body of Christ through attitude, interdependence, healthy relationships and accountability.
  • Spirit-Controlled Life: A Spirit-controlled life committed to the authority of Scripture is honoring to God and produces the fruit of the Spirit, humility, a heart for discipleship, prayer, servant leadership and a Christ-centered life.
  • Excellence: A priority of the pursuit of excellence reflects God’s character and His ongoing work in our lives (Col 2:23), and is to be evident in productivity, training, best practices and growth.
  • Safety: A priority of safety reflects God’s value of and our stewardship of people, resources, sustainability of ministry and Ethnos360 Aviation's reputation.
  • Integrity: Consistency between words and actions, values and behaviors, expectations and outcomes to include trustworthiness, transparency and vulnerability.
  • Commitment: Dedication to the pressing importance of the mission and is shown by urgency, sacrifice and courage.

Ethnos360 Aviation Support System

Ethnos360 Aviation uses a variety of aircraft to tailor its services to the church planting teams.  We operate Daher Kodiaks and use one Cessna 206 for training.  Our helicopter fleet consists of Robinson R66s and one Bell LongRanger. 

To keep planes and helicopters serving in remote areas, a deep support system is essential:  Pilots. Mechanics. Flight schedulers.  Parts managers.  Safety officers. Bookkeepers. Promotion and communications experts.  Web developers.  IT professionals.  The list goes all the way back to you, as you pray and give — and even go — to provide aviation service so that none are unreachable.   


Ethnos360 Aviation representatives are participating in events around the country.  Some of these events may be at a place near you.  Check where we'll be in the next few months. X