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Give to Ethnos360 Aviation's general fund or designate your gift.
Asking again? For more helicopters? Yes, people in remote PNG are still waiting to hear the Gospel.
Ethnos360 Aviation is determined to provide air service to qualified missionaries, regardless of their ability to pay.
Medical emergencies are bad enough. But being unprepared makes them so much worse for everyone.
Your gifts will jump-start relief efforts in the case of a disaster.
Affordable flight is only possible as God provides. You can use your resources to make sure that missionaries from Wana and other tribes have the flights they need to carry out the work of planting thriving churches.
The Brazil helicopter project is fully funded! Thanks to you, we even surpassed our original estimate for launching this program. However, we have a long way to go to complete the setup of operations and the construction of the hangar. Funds will be held until all the goals have been completed. If any funds remain, they will be used in flight operations to serve the church planting teams in Brazil. This new helicopter flight program will enable Ethnos360 Aviation to serve all our current missionaries in the region and open the door to reach ten additional people groups living in extreme isolation. The helicopter will furnish a refreshingly viable network to sustain ministry teams by providing transportation to their ministry locations.
On Mindanao alone, hundreds of thousands of people in fourteen people groups still need to hear the Gospel. Ethnos360 has trained national missionaries from six of these groups, and more are in the process of being trained. The R66 helicopter is providing these new missionaries transportation into the very mountainous and remote areas where they are taking the gospel to those who have never heard (many of whom are their relatives). Thank you for the part you played in making this ministry possible.