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Trusting God and Facing COVID-19

Like you, Ethnos360 Aviation has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. In this, we want to continue to do our best to care for the people God has called us to serve. We are trusting Him to give us His wisdom to ensure that we do everything possible to prevent any spread of the disease while following government mandates and meeting requests for assistance.

  • At our Ethnos360 Aviation main office in Arizona, we are following the procedures established by our nation and our state.
  • Overseas, our aviation personnel are following all the directives of the locations in which they serve. In some countries, that means no flights at all. In others, if a flight is allowed by the government, our personnel follow tight restrictions and precautionary measures to provide essential medical help or necessities to villages that request it.
  • When requested by the government, our aviation personnel stand ready to make humanitarian flights to deliver food, medicine or medical supplies and to make medical evacuations as needed.
  • Our aviation families are following the established government protocols where they live and work, coordinating with their local leadership teams. Most of them are isolated in their homes in a “shelter-in-place" mode.

We are thankful that God is not bound by the restrictions of COVID-19. His Word and His Spirit are at work in all our lives, despite the quarantines, isolation, lockdowns, travel bans and so on.

Pray that in this current situation, we will continually look for opportunities to safely assist those around us who will need supplies, comfort or a helping hand. Most of all, pray that this pandemic will end quickly.

Trusting the only wise God,

Phil Koop
Executive Director, Ethnos360 Aviation