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Missionary Aircraft Maintenance Specialist or AME

Aircraft mechanic certificate (A&P, AME or ICAO equivalent). A minimum of two years of general aviation maintenance experience is required, with an IA preferred. The curriculum at Ethnos360 Aviation in McNeal, AZ, will provide further specific R66 helicopter and Kodiak maintenance training.
Salary: None – Financial support raising required
Purpose: Facilitate the church planting work of Ethnos360 missionaries and indigenous churches in some of our most remote locations.

Our maintenance specialists maintain Kodiaks and Robinson R66s serving the church planting ministries of Ethnos360 and its affiliates.  They ensure that the aircraft are in compliance with Ethnos360 Aviation and local country standards.

People Needed: 6
Priority: Urgent
All candidates for service with Ethnos360 Aviation must undergo a candidate evaluation with Ethnos360 Aviation and then complete missionary training with Ethnos360 or one of its global partners. For more complete details and opportunities, please contact Dwight Brown, Director of HR/Personnel, Ethnos360 Aviation. Mobile: 407-580-7098. Email:


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