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A vital team member

"Will it all fit?" missionary pilot Charlie Patton asked a typical bush pilot question earlier this month. This time he was packing his own goods into the plane to transport to his new home. All of their belongings fit into one plane load and Charlie and his wife Ruth arrived safely at their destination in Papua New Guinea.

They arrived in June and began familiarizing themselves with the tribal church planting ministries in the area. Almost immediately Charlie began flying to the 13 remote villages where missionaries work. He delivers needed supplies, transports missionaries and tribal people to town for business and medical needs and provides encouragement to missionaries facing discouragement and difficulty.

"It is humbling," wrote Charlie, "that we can be an encouragement to them to carry on the work God has entrusted to them."

Pray for Charlie and Ruth as they settle into their new home and new ministry and for safety for Charlie as he flies over jungle areas into remote villages. Pray too that they will be an encouragement and help to the missionaries in remote villages who depend on the flight program to supply their needs.

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POSTED ON Oct 21, 2008 by Dena McMaster