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The Kodiak on the right is almost ready to be ferried to Papua New Guinea. The one on the left arrived last week.

Another Kodiak being outfitted

A second Kodiak has arrived in McNeal, Arizona, to be outfitted to serve missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

The Kodiak is well suited for service in places like Papua New Guinea, where NTM missionaries work among remote people groups isolated by multiple steep ridges, swampy lowlands and myriad islands. It can carry nearly a ton of goods or up to ten people into short, rough airstrips. It has the range, and the ability to fly at high altitude, in order to make emergency medical flights to Australia.

In addition, its reliable turbine engine runs on readily available jet fuel instead of scarce, expensive aviation gasoline.

For this reason, NTM Aviation is seeking three Kodiaks to serve the missionaries who are in turn serving tribal people in Papua New Guinea. (NTM Aviation already has another Kodiak serving missionaries in another country in the Asia-Pacific region.)

One Kodiak’s work is nearing completion at NTM Aviation’s facility in the Arizona desert. When work is done, it will be ferried across the Pacific. Less than $5,000 is still needed to complete this work and pay for its trip to Papua New Guinea.

Work has already begun on the second Kodiak, which arrived last week.

A third Kodiak is still needed.

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POSTED ON Sep 30, 2014 by Ian Fallis