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“You’re so dedicated.” As missionaries we often hear this from people. After all, a lot of us leave family, friends and homeland to go to a foreign situation to serve.

But really, how does God measure dedication?

As my husband and I were representing Ethnos360 Aviation earlier this year at the Sun ‘n Fun airshow, we heard a humbling story of dedication – and it wasn’t about a missionary.

On the last day of show week, a young family came by our display. Almost right away, the husband started saying something but had to pause as tears came to his eyes. “It’s because of you,” he said haltingly, “that we are here.” I couldn’t imagine what he meant. How could someone credit Ethnos360 Aviation for his presence here at the airshow?

When he gained his composure, he continued. “My grandfather had a business, and whenever things got tough, he just kept going. ‘What about my missionaries?’ he would say.” He couldn’t let the business fail. He couldn’t let down. He couldn’t stop persevering, because he had missionaries to support.

His business didn’t fail. He handed it to his son, and then to his grandson and family. Now they were standing right in front of us, telling how they now were running the still-thriving family business.

It struck me how dedicated the grandfather had been. His dedication persevered, maybe even beyond a level that most missionaries ever face. His dedication kept the missionaries supported. It kept his family business going.  Along with his faith in God, he passed that dedication to his children and then to his children’s children — this young family right in front of us.  And it was evident they were passing the legacy of dedication to their two young children.

Thank you to all of you who give to Missionary Flight Sponsorship and for your dedication to “your missionaries”.  God knows the sacrifice, the fortitude, the perseverance that keeps you supporting Ethnos360 Aviation.  Thank you for undergirding the use of aviation to reach isolated people with the gospel. 



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POSTED ON Jun 07, 2021 by Wonita Werley