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Emergency Flight

What a Start to the New Year!

“If you weren’t here, Agta would die!”

NTM missionaries Don and Char Epp heard this over and over throughout the village as the new year began.

On Christmas Day, Asak, a  lady in the Agta tribe of the Philippines had miscarried.  Since then Char had been watching her closely.  But on the morning of January 2, “things went bad quickly,” wrote Don. 

The ocean was too rough, so getting the lady out by boat was not an option. 

Don and Char e-mailed to the NTM Aviation team on Northern Luzon.  True to their mission, the pilots set things in motion immediately for an emergency flight. 

“In 15 minutes Zach, our pilot, was ready to go,”  says Don. 

Not long after, Asak and her husband were safely aboard the copter and headed for the hospital.  They left their 4 children behind in the village, and Don and Char will help by giving them rice every day. 

It was after the helicopter left that the Epps heard the people’s grateful remarks.  But the Epps realize it’s not just they who the people need to thank. 

“You are all included in that statement,” Don wrote to their supporters.  “You are the ones keeping us here … So I would just like to pass on the “thanks” from the village to you all.”

And it’s not just the Epps ministry partners that the villagers have to thank.  It’s you too!  Without aviation partners, there would be no pilots and mechanics.  There would be no helicopter to call. 

And yes, the Agta people would die.  Not just physically, but spiritually too if they didn’t have God’s Word.

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POSTED ON Apr 07, 2016