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Lightning bolts

“Thank you … for teaching me God’s talk. It has changed my life,” said Nggomo as he was helping the missionaries prepare Bible lessons in his language.

And a good thing it changed him — because Nggomo had been planning to chop off his neighbor’s wife’s head.

He explained: “Jon, if you had not gotten me to come and do this work of writing these Bible lessons with you, I would be in jail right now for life, or dead. Just a few days before you asked me to help you with this work, I had determined in my mind to cut my neighbor’s wife’s head off the next time she was alone.”

Now, the whole Kaje village in Papua New Guinea has been hearing the lessons for a few weeks. Truth is hitting them like cracks of lightning out of a clear blue sky!

Clemens – “I never knew God was the one making trees and garden food grow. He even makes our hearts beat and gives us life!

Konsi – “We have brought shame upon shame on God’s name by attributing his work to animals and spirits.”

Pais – “If God got in a fight with the most powerful spirit here, God would just say, ‘Die.’ And that spirit would be dead. No contest.”

Nelson – “Should I try to find a lamb and sacrifice it to God like Abel? I want him to be happy with me."

Francis – “We thought God was happy with us. We have been so so wrong! Sin is in us and we have a huge ‘heavy’ with God because of our ancestors Adam and Eve.”

Bodi – (After hearing about God's future court and the books being written of their sin, Bodi had no words. After the teaching he just sat there with his head in his hands.)

Michael – “Jon, when Taylor was teaching about the future court and my ‘book’, my heart started beating so hard and fast I thought it would burst out of my chest!  I think my book is the thickest!"

Kasi – “You guys need to teach all day every day so I can learn how God is going to help me get rid of my sin!”

Martin – “We are such sinners.  It is like we have been storing up fire wood for ourselves for the day of judgment.”

Greg – “I am ready to do whatever God wants me to do to get rid of my sin.”

Ananias – “God saved Noah all the way.  I cannot wait until I hear how God is going to save me all the way.”

Cecilia – “I am going to be like Noah and do whatever God says.  I will not be like the people who did not get in the boat.”

Caspar – “Satan has truly tricked us with his lying talk and hid God’s true talk from us.  But now we are hearing it clearly!”

Ananias – “I have abandoned all of the lying stories Satan gave our ancestors.  I will only hear God’s stories from now on.”


Can you feel the impact of these words all the way to where you live?  You should!  Because as you pray for and give to Ethnos360 Aviation, you are making a way for the Word of Truth to reach people like the Kaje.  We thank you!  And so will the Kaje people when they realize that you helped make it possible for them to hear the gospel and find salvation in Christ. 

By the way, Nggomo is now running a lesson review group every evening with his neighbor — and his neighbor’s wife! 

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POSTED ON Oct 07, 2019 by Wonita Werley