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Medical flight was the easy part

The last thing a mother wants to think about before giving birth to twins is being bounced about on a bamboo stretcher for 30 minutes. But that’s the only way to get to the airstrip to fly to the hospital.

So one woman had to endure the trip when her first baby was born and the second was delayed due to complications.

The woman lives in a village where little medical help is available. Her pregnancy relied on the help of missionary pilot Daren Spence, who flew to the closest airstrip … and waited.

"She must have been quite far down the trail, for it took them 30 minutes or more to reach the airstrip," Daren wrote. "Finally, several tired young men showed up with this new mother and her family."

Daren was thankful that he had already calculated how much time the flight would take. They still had time to get to the mission hospital right at sundown.

"Normally, we wouldn’t fly this late in the day, but the Lord gave us great weather," Daren wrote.

Due to the late flight, Daren wasn’t able to return home and had to find a place to stay the night.

The next morning, Daren was able to visit the hospital and check on the babies. On medical evacuation flights, he usually doesn’t have the opportunity to see the results for the patients he helps.

"What a joy it was to see these two healthy babies. As I flew back … home … I praised God for the opportunity to serve Him in this way," Daren wrote. "I had missed being at home with my family for one night, but I had helped give a small baby a chance at life."

Praise God for allowing a smooth flight for Daren as he helped bring a new mother to safety. Give praise that the mother and both babies are healthy. Also pray that Daren’s heart for service serves as an example of God’s love and provision for this new family.

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POSTED ON Jan 11, 2011 by Christina Conrad