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Medical Update on Jon Leedahl

Thank you for your continued and fervent prayers for pilot Jon Leedahl.  After his motorcycle accident October 15th in Papua New Guinea, Jon was evacuated to Australia.  There surgeons worked to save his badly damaged right leg.  However, despite all efforts, they had to amputate it above the knee.  Jon is aware of what is going on, and he consented to the surgery.  Your prayers are vital as Jon faces additional surgery to repair his left foot and knee. Jon's wife Adie writes, "I've just been into see Jon. He's stable on his own support. He looks good; they are moving him to the surgical ward soon. [His leg is] gone. More surgery [will follow].  God has his leg. God has a purpose. My first thought of 'why' was quickly answered with: 'I have a BIG plan. But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the LORD God my refuge, that I may tell of all YOUR works.' Ps 73:28" You are valued members of our ministry team, and this is an opportunity to see God glorified through our united prayer efforts.  We value your prayers for Jon and Adie as well as for our aviation team in Papua New Guinea that we all follow Adie's great example and trust God for His Big plan. Thank you for choosing to be partners together with us in ministry.

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POSTED ON Oct 17, 2014