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New House, New Outreach, New Baby!

New House … for the helicopter, that is.

In April, you heard of the great blessing of God in the construction of a brand new hangar, donated by some Christian businessmen in the Philippines. Ron and Michelle Jennings, missionaries returning to their village after home assignment, were some of the first to enjoy its benefits: “We were so thankful that we were able to fly out from our new hanger. The location and lay of the land is so perfect.”

Despite many land deals that had fallen through over the years, God provided this ideal piece of real estate to anchor His work on Mindanao. Thanks to you for praying! The hangar is a mere ten minutes from the guest house and pilots’ houses, rather than an hour away, over rough roads. It’s a “major blessing to the functionality of the flight program as a whole,” commented the Jennings.

And it plays a part in the …

Every day, marvelous things happen because of your solid backing in prayer and partnership. Here are just a few glimpses of how God is working through you.”
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New Outreach

The Tala-andig believers just keep on reaching out! The newest village is “a brutal two-day hike away,” says pilot Brian Pruett. The location has no clean drinking water and no food available for purchase, and it may not be safe for missionaries to take their families with them.

After the Tala-andig believers discussed various plans and schemes to reach this village, one shone through above all: just use the helicopter!

A couple of the Tala-andig missionaries, experienced in building helipads, hiked ahead and completed the project. Brian flew over and pronounced it “an amazing job.”

His next flight took in one of the missionaries, his wife and his youngest daughter. “They brought lots of food, cooking pots and even clean drinking water because we had the available payload to do it,” says Brian. “[The Tala-andig] are just blown away that, because of the power of the Gospel, God has united them in the jungle to a global team that is supporting them as they go and tell their relatives the Good News.”

You, as part of that “global team,” have one more person thanking you. She just had …

A New Baby

A few months ago, you prayed for the widow of one of the main Tala-andig missionaries, killed when a tree fell on him. Though pilot Brian Schaadt flew the helicopter to his aid, Mantunhayan died en route to the hospital. He left behind his wife, Naytunhayan, pregnant with their first child. After her son Martim was born, she made a touching video of thanks to all who prayed for and helped her.

“Through [the pilots], I saw our Father’s love for me. … Now you believers who are still praying for me, thank you. … Because of your prayers for me, our Father has answered and provided two families who have promised to be responsible to take care of me. ... So, my siblings in the faith, thank you for praying for me."

Just as Naytunhayan thanks you, so do many other faithful servants of God who can accomplish their ministries when you participate in  missionary flight sponsorship. Thank you!

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POSTED ON Sep 05, 2018 by Wonita Werley